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Success Stories


Lindsay Bevege

Humanetix Chief Executive Officer

'Our accountant referred us to Radium Capital. Not only was it the best financial option, Radium offered us an ease of transaction we couldn’t find elsewhere.'

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Radium combined an unparalleled finance option with seamless service to help Humanetix’s workflow technology transform patient care.


Humanetix is the parent company of SmartWard and has a suite of next generation technology systems. Its mission is to enable greater safety, efficiency and job satisfaction through the world’s best workflow technologies.

Transforming patient care

SmartWard was originally developed to understand and solve the complex challenges of patient care in hospital.

Its intelligent IT workflow system incorporates all hospital records, patient data and real-time patient care tasks to free nurses from administrative process and enable them to devote more time to patient care.

Its patented technology has been verified scientifically in a 3-phase clinical trial, independent studies and assessments by healthcare professionals.

Working with Radium

Shown to remove the bureaucracy of patient record keeping in a safe and reliable manner, SmartWard enables medical records, data and statistics to work alongside patients, their relatives and staff towards desired medical outcomes.

Humanetix’s products make complicated workflows effective in settings where people use a lot of technology, because such complex environments need properly designed systems. Humanetix has invested in and created rigorously-tested technology systems that are safe, secure and world leading.

Innovation with global and multisector reach

In 2018, Humanetix’s SmartWard technology became the first ever Australian company to be named as a finalist in the World Patient Safety Innovation Awards. With a suite of products it believes are unique and unmatched in quality, safety and potential, Humanetix is now pursuing an ambitious, market-validated growth strategy to expand into new markets including the aged-care and defence sectors.

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