Radium Capital is a simple idea which grew from a team of Australian fintech entrepreneurs.

It was identified that the balancing act that is managing cashflow and running a successful R&D program was as important to their businesses as it is to both established and startup businesses today, with rebates a core component of their growth plan.

While solutions to obtain R&D funding were available, their idea was to investigate a way to make a traditionally complex financial product easily available to all Australian R&D companies.

Their thinking was straightforward: could the knowledge, systems and process used to create and grow the other successful fintech platforms be repurposed to quickly and cost-effectively help businesses access rebates early.

After the creation of appropriate governance and review, the answer was yes and Radium Capital was born.

Leveraging integrated APIs and a proprietary scoring process, Radium Capital is able to quickly and cleanly assess a business for applicability, advising on ability and funding amounts within two days and funding within a further three days.

Since launching in 2017, Radium has supported dozens of businesses delivering new capital into a sector that typically struggles for to attract sustainable funding.

Highlights since then include:

Advances ranging from $10,000 and up to $6.4M, with the average $235,000

  • IT is the largest industry by volume of advances and Mining the largest by dollars advanced.
  • 83% of all applicants are approved and funded.
  • Average approval time is 2 business days from completing application.
  • Average time to funding is 4 business days from completing application.
  • 30% of clients are returning for repeat advances.

Our goal? Simple. To be the number one provider of R&D finance in Australia.