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Cash advance every quarter (or whenever you need it).

Security limited to your R&D Tax Refund.

Fast approvals – Decision within 48 hours of application.

Cash flow friendly – No repayments until your refund is received.

Market Leading Rates – $699 +GST establishment fee plus 15% p.a. interest on funds advanced.

Certainty of funding – Loans funded within 48 hours of approval.

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  • "A Radium Advance was such a good solution, helping us avoid the need to raise too much capital. This ensured we did not give away value earlier than we wanted to. While there is obviously a cost for a Radium Advance, it worked out to be a considerably cheaper form of funding compared to an equity raise."

    Dr Sue Bahn, Tap Into Safety, CEO
  • “The service is very important and essential for a company that’s in a continual R&D process. Especially for those smaller companies that need funding. A Radium Advance for us was a seamless process, with the huge advantage of the interest being paid at the end and not monthly.”

    Richard Webb, Algaetec


Our offering allows us to focus on the details that matter most to your business. Hear how a Radium advance has helped some of our valued clients.

sustainable Australian agriculture


Innovation is a key factor in the future of sustainable Australian agriculture.

Information Technology sector

Information Technology

Businesses succeed because they invest in technology to stay ahead of the competition.

Manufacturing sector


In an ever changing environment, adapting business process to meet growing needs is critical for a developing organisation.

sustainable Australian agriculture


Innovation is a key factor in the future of Australian Agriculture, from tackling the challenges the industry is currently facing to unearthing growth opportunities.

2 researchers working on Bio-technology


Biotechnology companies are traditionally reliant on investors, with the industry being highly competitive and one in which Australia competes with the rest of the world.

Lady engineer working on wind turbine

Built Environment

The design and development of built environment components play a key role in supporting our health and easing climate change, as they are closely linked.

Information Technology sector

Information Technology

Businesses succeed because they stay ahead of the competition and R&D supports information technology development.

Manufacturing sector


To create a great product you need innovation and the road to that, starts with R&D.

Solar Energy with installed solar panels


Investments in the energy sector through the R&D Tax Incentive drives innovators in this space.

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