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Success Stories

Quantify Technology

Julian Hocking

Quantify Technology - Chief Financial Officer

“Our relationship with Radium goes beyond partnership. It’s friendly, professional, personal and it’s important to our business.”

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Thanks to strategic use of its R&D tax refund with Radium Quarterly Advances, Quantify has fast tracked its growth potential.

Working in partnership with Radium

Quantify’s tax adviser recommended Radium to help take the business and its R&D to the next level. After getting in touch with Radium to discuss its options, Quantify was able to successfully secure a Radium Advance when the business needed it. Quantify was able to invest $1,000,000 into research and development efforts, with no net impact on its loans and borrowings. After initially contacting Radium, Quantify is now making smart use of Radium Quarterly Advances to reinvest R&D capital back into the business without borrowing additional cash.

The future is bright and smart

Thanks to strategic use of its R&D tax refund with Radium Quarterly Advances, Quantify has fasttracked its growth potential. With plans to expand out of the new build construction sector and into the retrofit market, Quantify is integrating its products with other technology platforms and accessing new distribution channels, including some of the Australian retail giants. And Quantify is also expanding its marketing efforts with major campaigns planned in the future. Quantify’s products will soon be advertised to the mass market through TV, so stay tuned for more.

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