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Don't wait for your R&D tax refund from the ATO.

You’ve made it past 30 June, but your R&D tax refund is still months away. Bridge the gap with a Radium Advance, and access up to 80% of your money in a few business days.

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What is a Radium Advance?

A Radium Advance is a one-off burst of capital when your business needs it most. Don’t wait up to 18 months for your tax refund. A Radium Advance is a cash flow friendly and cost effective way to finance your R&D now.

  • approval decisions in two business days
  • get funds three business days after you sign up
  • no upfront fees and nothing to pay until your refund arrives
  • secured against your tax refund—avoids dilutionary equity
  • check out the benefits of a Radium Quarterly Advance

Radium Quarterly Advances let you access your R&D refund up to four times a year, giving you consistent capital and cash flow. The more you use Radium Advances, the more your R&D benefits. Advance your tax refund every quarter and reinvest in R&D to trigger extra refunds.

  • boost your R&D spend by 50% or reduce your outlay by 33%
  • increase your R&D refund
  • reinvest up to 150% of R&D expenditure back into R&D
  • approval decisions in two business days
  • get funds three business days after you sign up

Who we are

Created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, a small group of fintech entrepreneurs and investors created Radium Capital in 2017.

We believe businesses with R&D should have access to capital when they need it. So we created the Radium Advance to enable businesses to unlock their tax refunds sooner. With our fintech know-how, we developed a platform to give businesses quick, easy and early access to R&D refunds, saving time and costs.

What we offer

At Radium Capital, we don’t think like a bank so we can help you
access and invest your R&D refunds sooner with a Radium Advance.

Approval decisions in two business days

One off or Quarterly advances

No upfront charges

R&D advances secured against your ATO refund

Confident, fixed price service

How much money could you access?

Am I eligible?

Does your business do R&D?

Does your company conduct R&D to improve existing products and services? Maybe you’re a start-up with a focus on innovation, or R&D is your core business?

Do you meet the government’s criteria?

You must be a company liable for Australian income tax, have a minimum annual R&D expenditure of $20,000, and conduct at least one activity under the government definition of R&D.

Great, you can apply!

You’re not eligible right now, but we may be able to help.

Talk to our experts

R&D finance is all we do. Get in touch to discuss how you could use a Radium Advance to improve the capital or cash flow of your business.

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