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Don't wait for
your R&D refund

Reinvest your own money sooner with a Radium Advance. Access up to 80% of your R&D refund in a few business days.


80% of R&D return


Assesed and funded in 3-5 business days


Secured against your ATO refund

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We don't think like a bank, so we can help more businesses

Your Radium Advance is secured against your R&D tax refund. It’s the smart, strategic way to access capital and reinvest your own money sooner.

Rohina Batra

Livestock Labs - Chief Financial Officer

‘Radium understands start-ups really well. Their team gave us comfort and security. We’re really glad we found them and would definitely recommend them to others.’

Lindsay Bevege

Humanetix Chief Executive Officer

'Our accountant referred us to Radium Capital. Not only was it the best financial option, Radium offered us an ease of transaction we couldn’t find elsewhere.'

Julian Hocking

Quantify Technology - Chief Financial Officer

“Our relationship with Radium goes beyond partnership. It’s friendly, professional, personal and it’s important to our business.”

Brett Boynton

Managing Director - Signature Gold Ltd and Tectonic Gold Plc

'If we had waited for the refund, we would have missed the window and had to cover six to nine months of overheads before we could deploy our field team. Working with Radium enabled us to get to work quickly, saved us significant costs and delivered real value for our shareholders.'

Scott Phillips

Smooth Retirement - Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

'Our relationship with Radium is more of a partnership. It’s entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs.'

What we offer

At Radium Capital, we don’t think like a bank so we can help you access and invest your R&D refunds sooner with a Radium Advance.

Approval decisions in two business days

One off or Quarterly advances

No upfront charges

R&D advances secured against your ATO refund

Confident, fixed price service

Ready to apply?

You can start an application here and one
of our R&D experts will be in touch right away.

Who we are

Created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, a small group of fintech entrepreneurs and investors created Radium Capital in 2017.

We believe businesses with R&D should have access to capital when they need it. So we created the Radium Advance to enable businesses to unlock their tax refunds sooner. With our fintech know-how, we developed a platform to give businesses quick, easy and early access to R&D refunds, saving time and costs.

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R&D finance is all we do. Get in touch to discuss how you could use a Radium Advance to improve the capital or cash flow of your business.

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