Not yet claiming the Government’s R&D Tax Incentive refund? It’s the easy way to access funds to help smooth cash flow on your project, start-up or established business. With no impact on your equity, the Government’s refund allows you the flexibility you need to innovate and grow your business.

If you qualify, we can then help you with quarterly advances on your refund to get the funds flowing even sooner. It’s that easy.

Here’s what you’ll need to have in place to qualify for a Radium advance:

  • Ensure you qualify for the R&D Tax Incentive refund
  • Be registered with AUSIndustry
  • Have any outstanding taxes paid
  • Have a Radium-approved accounting firm calculate your quarterly refund
  • Agree to pay your refund directly back to Radium once received

Don’t know where to start or unsure if you qualify for the R&D Tax Incentive refund? Visit the AusIndustry website.