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Success Stories

Smooth Retirement

Scott Phillips

Smooth Retirement - Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

'Our relationship with Radium is more of a partnership. It’s entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs.'

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Smooth Retirement was able to help more retirees through its technology platform after working with Radium.

Reaching out to Radium

Bringing the Smooth Retirement service to as many people as possible and delivering maximum scalability meant significant R&D investment to build a new technology platform. Smooth Retirement was working through the options to make its plans a reality, when it heard about Radium Capital.

“Meeting Radium was pretty much a happy accident because without this we wouldn’t have been able to keep our project moving,” Scott explains.

Smooth Retirement’s team wanted to invest in a technology platform that would crunch all the numbers in a way that humans could not.

They successfully created a software solution able to calculate more than 900,000 algorithms and model long-term retirement income and equity release strategies in minutes. In doing so, Smooth Retirement now delivers affordable and accessible retirement income planning, advice and credit recommendations previously not available to clients. Radium played an important part in Smooth Retirement’s evolution by enabling the business to use its capital strategically to innovate and build the technology platform Smooth Retirement runs on today.

New horizons

Smooth Retirement’s future plans are ambitious. It wants to significantly scale its business operations to service thousands of clients across Australia.

“We want this new generation of equity release to become a profession and provide funds that drive real benefit to members,” Scott says.

With that aim, the business is planning a national educational campaign to shine a light on the funding shortfall many people, who don’t receive suitable financial advice, face in their retirement years.

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