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Robert Molkenthin

Chief Financial Officer, Sprintex


Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, Sprintex is a leading manufacturer of automotive superchargers that can be fitted on a range of car makes and models including the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Mini Cooper S as well as a range of Subaru, Dodge and Toyota vehicles.

Enhanced technology for expanding markets.

Sprintex has developed the twin-screw Sprintex Supercharger, which offers greater efficiencies. This results in lower discharge temperature and pressure at all power levels; reducing engine stresses and providing the best possible torque, power and performance on a vehicle, with no lag.

Through evolving both its product range and capabilities, Sprintex has continuously focused on R&D to achieve and maintain superior performance and a competitive edge.

And by not only focusing on supercharged applications, Sprintex has successfully expanded its range and found new commercial uses for its compressors.

Sprintex’s Perth-based team has continued to invest in its research and development on applications to support new markets and products in both the automotive and marine industry.

New products, new industries and new territories.

Sprintex has delivered ground breaking test results on some of the new prototype applications it has under development. These applications have continued to show market potential with a high torque and low RPM system for diesel platforms.

Sprintex continues to prove the adaptability and diversity of its products across industries and has plans to extend its brand presence into new territories.

Learn more about Sprintex and its superchargers by visiting: sprintex.com.au

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