Category: Manufacturing

Location: Western Australia

Website: http://www.sprintex.com.au

Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:SIX) Sprintex are leading manufacturers of automotive superchargers.

The thermal and volumetric efficiency range of the twin screw Sprintex Supercharger results in lower discharge temperature and pressure at all power levels – reducing engine stresses and providing the best possible torque available.

Sprintex products can today be found in Subaru, Toyota and Jeep vehicles, with Sprintex continually recognised as a leading manufacturer.

Continually evolving both product range and capabilities, Sprintex have continuously focussed on R&D in order to achieve and maintain a competitive and performance edge.

“We’re always looking for financing solutions to help cash flow and we read an article about Radium and saw that what they offered fit our needs. The Radium Advance has provided us with cash flow at the time we needed it.” – Robert Molkenthin, Chief Financial Officer, Sprintex.


automotive superchargers from SPRINTEX

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