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Location: Western Australia


Algae Tech, listed on the ASX,  are a specialist algae producer, focused on key algae-based nutraceutical, animal and aquaculture markets.

Founded in 2007, Algae.Tec is developing technology that captures waste carbon dioxide to produce commercial quantities of algae for use in the food and fuel sectors.

After more than six years of laboratory, bench-scale and pilot tests and product trials, the the development phase results are currently being applied to detailed engineering evaluations of commercial plants. Collectively, these activities have led to the development of unique proprietary technology and know-how for high efficiency production and harvesting of algae.

To date, this algae technology has demonstrated exceptional performance, providing step-change improvements in productivity, product yield, carbon dioxide sequestration, plant footprint requirements and substantial capital/cost savings versus agricultural crops and other competitive algae processes in the industry.

Algae and its byproducts can be used for many applications including nutraceuticals, personal products such as soap and face cream, protein food sources plus bio-polymers and fuels.

Algae is produced from the Company’s state-of-the-art growing facility in Atlanta which produces multiple high-demand species to service both the growing nutraceutical and aqua feed markets.

Algae.Tec has also applied its industry-leading growing technology to the production of medicinal cannabis through strategic partnerships in Uruguay for the rapidly expanding cannabis market.

“The Radium service is very important and essential for a company that’s in a continual R&D process – especially for those companies that need funding.” – Richard Webb

algae sample from ALGAETECH

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