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Smart capital for smart businesses

What is a Radium Advance?

A Radium Advance unlocks your R&D tax incentive so you access your own money sooner.

A clever part of your capital and cash flow mix

A Radium Advance is a one-off burst of capital when your business needs it most. Don’t wait up to 18 months for your tax refund. A Radium Advance is a cash flow friendly and cost effective way to finance your R&D now.

  • approval decisions in two business days
  • get funds three business days after you sign up
  • no upfront fees and nothing to pay until your refund arrives
  • secured against your tax refund—avoids dilutionary equity
  • check out the benefits of a Radium Quarterly Advance

Radium Quarterly Advances let you access your R&D refund up to four times a year, giving you consistent capital and cash flow. The more you use Radium Advances, the more your R&D benefits. Advance your tax refund every quarter and reinvest in R&D to trigger extra refunds.

  • boost your R&D spend by 50% or reduce your outlay by 33%
  • increase your R&D refund
  • reinvest up to 150% of R&D expenditure back into R&D
  • approval decisions in two business days
  • get funds three business days after you sign up

Getting started

Check your eligibility, find out about how to apply and calculate your potential advance.

Am I eligible?

Does your business do R&D?

Does your company conduct R&D to improve existing products and services? Maybe you’re a start-up with a focus on innovation, or R&D is your core business?

How to apply

You can apply for a Radium Advance in just a few easy steps.

Get in touch

Our R&D finance experts are here to help. Send us a message, request a call back or call us on 1800 723 486.

Check eligibility

If you’re eligible for the R&D Tax Incentive, you’re eligible to apply for a Radium Advance.

Gather documents

Get a comfort letter from an approved R&D Tax Advisor supporting your refund assessment and verify your tax position with your accountant.


We’ll help you with your application and the documents you need. You can start your application here.


Application assessments are done within two business days. And your money will be available three business days after you sign your loan documents.

How much money could you access?

Get your annual R&D tax refund throughout the year with a Radium Advance. It’s a smarter way to use your capital. Estimate how much you could access now.

Start here:

This value is required
This value is required
0 calculated as 60 days after tax filing date

* to be verified by approved R&D tax consultant

Talk to our experts

R&D finance is all we do. Get in touch to discuss how you could use a Radium Advance to improve the capital or cash flow of your business.

Ready to apply?

You can start your application here and one of our
R&D experts will be in touch right away.

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